Saturday, 22 July 2017

Future Plan, Study this 3 Questions that You Need to Know!

1. Do You Know How to Prepare your Future Plan?

The rate of unemployment is considerably increasing. In some cases, neither the unemployment benefits nor the employment agencies are not able to help you. You must help yourself in this situation. It is advisable to make future plan to prepare for your future. Let’s start by asking yourself three questions that can help you determine who you are and where you should go.

1. FUTURE PLAN: What are your favorite subjects?

Future Plans

Do not limit your answer to the easy subjects. Think about the classes that make you spend a lot of time studying. The more attention you pay to a subject, the better you will be. For example, if you lose track of time on Mathematics, it means you are endowed with numbers and formulas. Therefore, you should work as an accountant or businessman. In case you are interested in Literature, you should choose writer or journalist as your career. Do not try to become a doctor or a CEO just because your parents want you to. You will never be successful in a job that you do not like. Do what you like, and the success will follow you.

2. FUTURE PLAN: What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Future Planning

Your favorite activities may reflect many things about you – your personalities, strengths, potentials, and so on. They might reveal areas of study and work that can keep you interested long in the future. Besides, the things that challenge you might improve your weaknesses and push you toward your goals. Ask friends and family what they think you are good at. You may be surprised by what they say. What is the thing you have always wanted to try? Is it exciting to you? What do you expect to learn from it? Once you know clearly who you are, then you will have enough information to create the plans of your future.

3. FUTURE PLAN: Who are your idols?

Plan Your Future

The people you look up to – whether they are celebrities, politicians, historical heroes or people you know personally – can tell who you are and what you appreciate. Think about reasons you like them and the qualities you want to learn from them. For example, if your idol is an adventurer, then you will enjoy traveling and discovering new land, like him/her. If you admire the President Barack Obama, you will get influenced by his manners and attitude. You can even learn Public Presentation from him. Some people were inspired by the individuals they love. They strive to make as great things as their idols did. By picking up a positive figure, your future plan will become more detailed and meaningful. Enjoy the life in your own way. Good luck!

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