Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My Future Life, If You Know Something About Easy To Decide!

Hi, students! How about your graduation? Do you have any idea for your future? What kind of profession do you want to do in the future? My Future Life believes that you should have the opportunity to access the necessary support to prepare for the life you wish after graduation.
There are various things happening in your high school years. It may be difficult to figure out exactly what you love to do when you walk out the school gate. And thus, My Future Life has designed a wide range of selections to support you to start thinking about your future and begin planning for the life you want.

What is My Future Life?

Future Life

My Future Life works directly with you and your family to help you figure out what may be possible by determining what you want to do and what you can do. The consultants here are willing to encourage and support you to catch your dreams. They can guide your final years at school and promote a smooth transition into life after school.

The sessions will offer person-to-person assistance for students to spot their strengths, interests, and dreams. By that way, young people may have a viewpoint to capture and progress their future life. Both secondary students and their families are welcomed to the Transition Preparation Support held by My Future Life.

What can My Future Life help me?

Transition preparation sessions are tailored to support students to think about their individual strengths, capacities, and interests. Students learn to combine these to plan for their journey into young adult life. The sessions will help participants to:

  • identify their strengths and interests
  • dream big and set high expectations
  • build the necessary skills and knowledge to develop their wishful plan
  • identify the information, tools, resources, and strategies to promote their plan
  • enhance informal networks and community resources
  • strengthen a strategy to turn their dreams into reality

Furthermore, My Future Life also holds workshops for parents and teachers. By that way, the beloved elders may help plan your journey from high school to the adult life you desire. They can give you an in-time piece of advice to make right decisions in your future life. Through experience sharing and storytelling, these workshops supply innovative ideas to encourage you to:

  • think creatively about your future life
  • capture your unique potential and goals
  • link to community resources
  • identify what it will take to put your plan into action

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