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What Is My Name: 5 Astrological Traditions You Should Know

What Is My Name

There are various astrological traditions use all over the world. Some will ask ‘what is your name‘ and tell you it’s hidden meanings while others use the stars and celestial bodies to divine your personality and characteristics. You can choose to follow one or more traditions to help you in your daily life. Note that all fundamentals of the different tradition come on the end out on the same result, just some interpretation are a little bit different!

WHAT IS MY NAME: The 5 Astrological Traditions You Should Know

What Is My Name: Western Astrology

This is the most popular tradition currently when it comes to divination such as to predict my future. It makes use of a horoscope in which a variety of celestial bodies are believe to have an influence. Based on the positions of the celestial bodies along with their relations with each other, the predictions and divination are made. Most popularly, it is only the sun signs which are considered for the astrology purposes.

What Is My Name: Indian Astrology

This form of astrology is similar to the western one as they both use horoscopes and the same celestial bodies. However, it follows the lunar calendar unlike western astrology which uses the solar calendar. As a result, their zodiac signs have different dates.

What Is My Name: Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is widely different from its western counterpart as it is closely relate to Chinese philosophy. There are many concepts unique to this astrological form such as yin and yang and luni-solar calendar. The Chinese Zodiac gives each year a designated sign instead of the monthly system of Western and Indian zodiacs.

What Is My Name: Numerology

This form of divination uses numbers instead of celestial bodies. Numerical patterns are use to draw inferences as to the characteristics of individuals among other things. For example, In order to predict my future based on my name, the principles of numerology are apply.

What Is My Name: Tarot Cards

This form of divination uses a pack of special playing cards. Each card is link to an archetype. There are various techniques use for understanding and divining using these cards.

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